My very first major Sale experience

28 Oct

sales can be taughtThe year was …. can’t remember. Just joking, the year was 1993 and I was in junior secondary school class 3 (JSS3) my class was a class of eggheads; baby geniuses who were preparing to take on the world. My father had just been promoted to director and commensurate to his new position he was given a government quarters set aside for government officials. It was a beauty to behold! Yes of course it was archaic BUT it was a mansion! I had a whole room to myself fitted with an adjourning room designed to hold clothes, shoes, trunks and the likes and an adjoining reading room. Haha! What a way to live!

Hey that was not all; it was the compound that got me! We had 2 gigantic mango trees, two gigantic almond trees, the quinine tree popularly called the Dongoyaro tree by the locals and a massive Iroko tree.

The shade from these trees was awesome and I would practice my somersaults and gymnast skills on the grounds because the soil was soft.

One beautiful morning I woke up to the sound of a thud on my part of the roof of the house. Later i found out that we were in the mango season! Haaaaaa my sisters and I had fights on who should have the right to this august visitor; the very first mango and well I won.

May days later, it was a race down the stairs to see who could pack the largest quantity of mangoes before the others got a hint. It was our contest and we loved it.

Fast forward to 7 days later, I took along 5 pieces of the largest and juiciest mangoes to school to eat as dessert before my lunch. On sighting my mangoes, my colleagues in class gathered in amazement at the size of these beauties! But one guy beat the rest to it. He asked if he could buy one of my mangoes for a fee. The price got me thinking. Haha! I had a need, my need was to buy a burger (a snack consisting of our local bread and bean cakes; we would cut the bread loaf into two, place the bean cakes within and place the halves back) and here was a fellow student giving me a sure way to getting what I wanted just like that. Of course I agreed, and in minutes I was eating my burger with utmost enjoyment.

My journey as the kingpin of the mango industry in Loyola College, Ibadan had started and for months after I enjoyed selling, earning and saving for the year end Christmas party.

Coaching Points:

1.There are many opportunities around us that we do not put our minds to. There is always something near you that you can sell and exchange for good money. You will have to open your eyes though. Who would have thought that the mango I had in my hands was the guarantee to me getting my burger!

Question: What do you have around you that you can exchange for what you want? Remember it could be a skill,

idea, product, service or even your personality!

2.  When you have something of value to offer to the right person he or she will buy that product/service at the price you fix. Be wise only create and offer things that are of value to people.

Question: what is that thing that is valuable to people around you that they will pay for and you just happen to have?

3. When you have something; that is of value to others; to sell you will never be broke. Selling; I have found out is the solution to a consistent stream of income. Sales people are never broke if they have perfected their selling skills.

Question: what can you sell that will be easy to carry around and will bring in additional streams of income for you?


7 Keys to Career Success Part 1

3 Oct

career success

  1. Don’t get paid on salary rather get paid on results!

Here are the advantages:

Firstly, One of the major reason most folks don’t get wealthy is simply because they get paid salary. Salary will only get you by plus it is limited pay; allowances notwithstanding. BUT being paid on results is saying to your employer that you want N2M on every N10M you bring in! Now that’s real pay! Secondly, this method allows you to negotiate for ALL the necessary tools you need to achieve your financial target. After all, who wouldn’t empower someone who is their Cash cow (the goose that lays the golden egg)? And you get to choose your team. All as long as you can get results! What better way to be motivated to do phenomenal work? I’d rather work on commission doing the work I love and get handsomely paid doing it than do it for a restricting salary! Thirdly, you get to choose your wins. Now picture this: you just heard of a deal that can reel in a whooping sum of N50M! And you get to keep N2M out of every N10M you bring in. That means this job if done well will make you N10M! What do you do? You put out all your resources and go for it! Your creative juices are liberated. You are motivated!

This year, work hard on getting paid what you really deserve. No employer will ever pay you your worth in salary ever. It’s simple math. If you’re earning N10M you must be really worth N70M.. Or even MORE! A smart young lady banker caught this principle and  went on to secure a seat on her bank’s management team all because she brought in a whooping $300M. She took advantage of her annual leave period and travelled outside the country to the head office of a multinational where she made things happen!

I conclude: Only the bold get paid BIG time! The timid get paid too however, it’s what they are paid that’s the question!

Be bold to go take what you really deserve this year. Renegotiate your work terms and liberate yourself! You’ve been too bound! Step up and live the life of your dreams.

Start getting paid for results! It PAYS!!!

I see a wealthy YOU!


The Outperformance Coach

BBPIN: 763536F0

T: @AdeniyiAtiba

The Most Essential Career Success Skill

10 Sep

I find it astonishing that SALES is not taught in schools, on any Business Studies course whether it be an A level, HND or degree or on any MBA course or any other course at that! Marketing is, but not sales. They are completely different disciplines and to learn how to sell is a lifetime skill unlike marketing. Why is a skillset which is so essential ignored?
If it was taught at grass roots then perhaps we would not be facing a recession in the Nation’s economy as so many more people would be equipped to sell properly. If we do something about it now then the next time we face this situation (which we will) we will be prepared.
Every business in the world has the need to sell. In the B2C world a lot of “selling” is done by Marketing. In the B2B world nearly all the sales are as a result of a “selling” intervention supported by Marketing. Very different scenarios.
Every business that operates in the B2B space needs to be able to sell and will normally employ a sales force of some size. The vital fulcrum of business is sales and revenues because without them the business won’t exist.
The biggest profession in the world is sales and some of the largest departmental headcount in many blue chip organizations are the sales people. So why isn’t it taught at grass roots?
Imagine the impact on the GDP of Nigeria if all school children were taught how to sell from 16 – 18 years old. Sales might not be for everyone but then neither is Maths or English, and yet it is compulsory to learn those subjects at GCSE. So much of what is taught at does not prepare children for later life and is not practical.
Children in Nigeria are facing a very different situation to those a few years ago. The prospect of being able to attend University or Polytechnic is no longer an option for many. Most parents are finding it hard to give these children the required educational empowerment.
I have had the opportunity to chat with several secondary school leavers about their future career prospects. My advice to them was that unless they were considering going into a profession such as law, accountancy, medicine etc, or any other courses that sell in the 21st century then they should forget going to University or Polytechnic. Even now many students that are qualified in a profession are not guaranteed of a job at the end. I know many sons or daughters of friends who are struggling to get junior law, architect, HR or accountancy roles.
A really good option is for children to go into sales. Top flight qualifications are not essential to be good in sales. What is essential is to know how to do it professionally. Would they rather be jobless at the age of 22 or have money in the bank? What other role can consistently give you the chance and possibility to create wealth at an early age?
Sales might not be for some at school, but at least learning the skill will enable a future accountant to negotiate better. It’s a lifestyle skill. Learning how to listen, question, build value propositions, handle objections, negotiate, build creative solutions having taken on board the relevant information, persuade and build rapport amongst many other things, will give people such a foundation of great capability.
It reminds me of a situation I found myself in many years ago when I have the chance to prospect to the MD/CEO of a top 10 Groups of School. I was told she was highly intelligent, had a short attention span in meetings and was a thoroughbred hard to the boot businesswoman. I knew I had to get her attention as fast as possible.
All I did in that meeting was SELLING! I sold her on the idea of my being able to handle the job! Do you know that Interviews are not opportunities to sell your skills? They are opportunities to promote your ability to solve the interviewer’s problems! Organisations are not looking for skilled people but for Solution providers. People do not pay for skills BUT for solutions.
That meeting has stuck with me for the rest of my days. It was worth it because of the fact that it confirmed to me that having and owning the sales ability is very essential for life’s success!
The generality see sales as a dirty word, not a profession, not to be taken seriously…
And yet without it no business would survive. So why is it not taken more seriously?
Every Business School has an MBA course and yet there are very few or no sales modules on them. I did Statistics at the University of Ilorin and then went into sales. I was clueless about how to sell or the discipline of selling so I learnt on the job and on live clients. I lost so many deals due to the mistakes I made, or the poor advice and guidance given to me by my superiors.
Had I been taught how to sell on my Statistics course I would have been far more successful which would have in turn boosted my motivation and earnings (for me and my company) considerably.
So many aspects of the sales industry leave me aghast with amazement. It has been ignored as a profession and the education sector needs to wake up to the power of sales skills and the impact they can make on the economy, confidence and general well-being of people.
For more info on how to improve your sales skills or that of your sales force please send a mail to or simply book an appointment call +234(0)7055778282.
About the Writer
Dr. 3pleA – Adeniyi Adebola Atiba is a Sales Pro with 13 years plus of professionally selling products and services within and without organizations. His sales experience encompasses the Pest control industry, Telecoms industry, Home appliance Industry, Foods Industry, Solar Technology industry, IT industry, Book Sales etc to mention a few. He has consulted for an assortment of SMEs and has trained and developed other Sales Pros. He is the CEO/Lead Consultant for Potter’s Touch Consulting Services, Nigeria; a Sales Management Consulting Firm.

My Master Strategy

22 Jul

My Master Strategy!
All through the years I have learnt to think differently.
Here’s my life’s credo:
‘There is always a better way of doing things!”
So all my life I have consistently looked for better ways to getting things done! This has made me flexible in my thinking and approach to life and I have become greater and far better than I was in my earlier life. Brian Tracy calls it the Law of Cause and Effect. When I see people who have great results, I hop on their ship and find out how they do it and just do the same. It’s that easy! Find out what works and work it. I don’t waste time storing unnecessary knowledge, I only store up what works! There is a better way to preaching, dressing, talking, getting your wife pregnant, communicating with your kids, penning down your thoughts, getting peace of mind, getting results from life and so on…. .
Find it!
That’s my Master Strategy.
Hope this helps.
You will Succeed!
I Care that You do.
Have a great day ahead.
Dr. 3pleA
Outstanding Peak Performance Expert
BBPin: 763636F0
Mobile number: +234(0)7055778282

P.S: I want to personally invite you to the International School of Ministry and Leadership – ISOMAL this evening @ Triumphant Assembly HQ Church, beside Hilltop Tavern Hotel Sango-Poly Road, Ibadan, Nigeria by 6pm. There you can pick up knowledge that WORKS! Hope to see you there.
God bless.

Project SignificanceDay 9 -Keep at it!

23 Apr

“I don’t stop when I’m tired, I only stop when I’m done!”

Over the years, I have woken up feeling very tired as I am quite sure some of us have. I’ve often felt like staying a little bit longer and longer BUT when I think about the goals ahead of me, I put my feet firmly on the ground and get up! From experience I have observed that life never gives us what we deserve freely on a platter of gold but that which we work for. I could take time to sleep on my bed and go hungry or get up and do something with my time that would put something on my table. So I get up and show up!
Can I seriously tell you that Success is a personal decision?  Until you make a personal decision to succeed you won’t! This personal decision must now be backed up with commensurate action. Get it? Nothing will work until you work…. . Without work you can’t experience luck. But I have also realised that a lot of young people can work but they are not consistent in doing what they are doing. We must understand that little drops of water make up an ocean. Consistency is the Key! That’s why when carrying out a particular task I never stop even when I am physically tired, I stop only when I’m done!
See, if we don’t follow through we won’t get a breakthrough.
Take your big project and break it down into little bits and pieces. Just make sure you are working on a part of your dream
You will always be busy but make sure you are doing something about your Vision in life. Never ever give up! Keep at it. You will Succeed!

Your Significant Life starts Now!

Dr. 3pleA
Chief Servant
#Project Significance: addressing social ills, fixing wrong habits, helping you build a significant life.
The Change starts now with You!

Project Significance Day 8 – Mind your manners

22 Apr

Project Significance
Day 8
Mind your manners!
“Respect is Reciprocal; understanding the golden rule makes the whole world joyful and lively. For we know that no man enjoys being treated ill.”
Life they say is in phases and sizes and whether we like it or not we can not remain in a phase of life forever! My instructions today will be brief. There will be no parables, no hidden liturgy or intentions. I will go straight to the point!
Have you noticed that the majority of today’s youth lack good manners; most lack etiquette plus  a good understanding of ethics?
I have witnessed on many a occasion, young people pass by elderly folks on the street without even greeting them! Some young people even bump into these elderly folks and find it hard to apologise. Where are the good old manners? Where is the generation that respects its elders? No wonder the mortality rate is now 41!
There is no way we can break principles and expect not to be broken! There is a Principle whose end result is long life. It goes thus: When you honor your father and mother, it is natural that you will live long! You don’t need to fast or pray about it just honor them. Long life is possible if you learn how to honour the elderly! Anyone older than you should be honored in fact anyone who is not YOU should be honored. That’s life!
As an HR Generalist, I have also observed that this foundational societal scourge has also permeated the office place. The lack of regard for societal laws has produced a blatant disregard for workplace and professional ethics and etiquette. The end thereof leads to ejection from the system.
Let’s respect one another, Let’s respect our systems, Let’s imbibe a culture of mutual respect. Let’s learn to Honor…  .

Your Significant Life starts Now!

Dr. 3pleA
Chief Servant
#Project Significance: addressing social ills, fixing wrong habits, helping you build a significant life.
The Change starts now with You!

Project Significance Day 7- Fame or Name?

21 Apr

Happy Easter!
Project Significance
Day 7
Fame or Name?
” For a good name mighty men would die. A good name is better than the best of gold and greater than all the King’s riches!”

Year after year, many young people are given a timeless piece of advice as they embark on their life’s journey towards adulthood and that advice goes thus: Remember the Son of whom you are…  . Never bring shame to your family.
Timeless advice but often shunned in today’s time.
Rather, there is the newest fad which is Fame!
I have had the opportunity to talk with and have intelligent stimulating discourse with several young people and I can sincerely say that a lot are highly misguided about their life’s mission. Many only talk about how they will achieve this, acquire that and become a household name. And while these are not bad, it especially depicts the rotten state of our society. Our society is presently raising up looters instead of leaders. Young folks who only care about themselves and their pockets and not about how they can serve their community. It’s become so bad that when leaders are sworn into public offices, they are encouraged by their family and friends to loot communal funds!
Here’s what we must do: we must start to actively build up legacies and place our names on the walls of fame NOT by cash BUT by reputation built on years of selfless service.
So, in whatever state we find ourselves we must determine to contribute to out national growth.
We must strive to make our names great by consciously adding value daily to our world.
Don’t just work for your living, work to leave a legacy.
Your Significant Life starts Now!

Dr. 3pleA
Chief Servant
#ProjectSignificance: addressing social ills, fixing wrong habits, helping you build a significant life.
The Change starts now with You!

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